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New CD:
Songs of Joy and Silence

Sweet melodies melt with tender voices into one big ocean. It takes you on a musical journey inwards, where joy and silence reside.

Sanskrit mantras, world-musical arrangements and a dash of mischief that lets you smile, invites you to sing along and leads you into the quiet place within.

One World Ticket

A golden thread of melodies and rhythms, from the Himalayan peaks to the beaches of Cuba, from the market place of Europe to the temples of India.

This is the ‘One World Ticket.’

Govinda Express

‘Govinda Express’ is the musical result of a long friendship between Anugraha and Veetkam that was re-ignited with the ‘Singing Buddhas’ first CD production, where Anugraha’s recording and technical skills were highly supportive.

Out of this collaboration the vision was created to give birth to an album that would combine our love for the East with our musical heritage of the West – and the name ‘Govinda Express’ popped up! This train is travelling throught different musical styles and landscapes with the wish to reach your heart.

It has been a wonderful creative process, teaching us lessons in patience, commitment, respect and friendship. The heartful contribution of our international musician friends raised it yet to another level and gave wings to our locomotive!

So jump on the train and let yourself be moved – swayed – and rocked!

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"I'm an artist with Silenzio in Germany, and yesterday they sent me their new double CD promotional compilation, in which I also feature. I just wanted to tell you how much I love your track 'Shivoham'! It is just so joyful, witty, sweet, delightful and spirited! It just makes me want to hug, kiss and dance. I love the arrangements... the Jew's harp, and the Russian Jewish feel for a Shiva chant! It really makes me feel so happy... full of sunshine! Bravo!"
Asher Quinn

"The new Govinda Express CD is just wonderful! I constantly play it in my car and it has cheered me up many times. And, the longer I listen to it, the more musical jewels I???m discovering. Anugraha, your guitar just sounds superb. Heartful congratulations for this fantastic CD."

"Congratulations! Your new CD is joy-ful, soul-ful and colour-ful – simply a piece of art."


Govinda Express news

The experiment to team up with Sundaram at the 2nd Rainbow Music&Dance Festival turned out to be a lucky strike of the Gods. There was so much joy, clarity, spontaneity und musical class – it was magic! This experience was the cornerstone for our upcoming tour together. With Sundaram we have not only found a great vocalist but a full-fledged concert pianist too!

As a trio, at times supported by special guests, we are taking aim at new frontiers and share the music of both our inspiring repertoires with you.

Forthcoming Concerts

12th October 2012, Govinda Express & Sundaram, Stuttgart

13th October 2012, Govinda Express & Sundaram, Mainz

14th October 2012, Govinda Express & Sundaram, Cologne


Govinda Studio

In the meditative and intimate atmosphere of the studio in Affoltern a.A., near Zurich, many productions meanwhile have been successfully created and musical visions have been transformed under the skillful expertise of Anugraha. Notably so: Govinda Express, Singing Buddhas, Raven Spirit, Shanti and others.

For more details visit: www.klangkunst.ch